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Torre Reforma x2

Skyscrapers are embarrassed.  By their sheer size and nature, they are inevitably monuments to the society that produced them.  But they are all timid in their existence.  They hide in their glass;  they recede behind their minimal facades; they protrude their dominance with their faux facades.  Whether expressive or recessive, all towers place themselves in a more introverted position, and only extroverted when it is allowed the position of significance.

This tower has no significance, anymore than any other mixed use building.  However, it presents itself with a monumentality of a monument.  It has a thick facade, minimal transparency and a solid silhouette.  However, despite these characteristics, the tower is delicate, and ironically respective of its neighbors in an atmospheric sense.

Studio: SCI_arc 3A Studio

Instructor: Margaret Griffin

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Program: Mixed Use Skyscraper

Collaborators: Ziad Saadi

Project Date: December 2016

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